The Belarus Tennis Table Federation Conference held on February 28, 2023, introduced changes and additions to the present BTTF Statute

The main subject of the extraordinary Conference, held on February 28, 2023 in Minsk-arena multisport center, was the long-needed changes and additions to the present Statute of the BTTF.

The Statute needs to meet the Belarus sport regulations requirements as well as the needs of the table tennis of today.  

The BTTF legal adviser worked thoroughly on the new edition of the Statute and provided every change or addition presented to it with grounded argumentation.

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The new edition of the Statute was approved by the majority of votes. In the near future the new edition of the BTTF Statute will be submitted to approval to the Ministry of Justice. As soon as it is done it will be available on our site for public reference.       

The President of BTTF shared his plans for the future work:

“The first thing to do after the changes and additions are implemented is to settle the financial situation and figure out the main sponsors for the present year. The curators of the BTTF has also been changed which means we need to form the new supervisory board”.52717372646 3b29944949 o

“We also need to get ready for the Executive Committee Elections. The Executive Committee is a new structure unit of the BTTF, members of which will be responsible for certain specific areas. We need to come up with the program, aims and objects and get ready to work very hard to meet them. We are very much interested in good coaches, high-level coaches. We are planning to organize massive participation, to develop table tennis”.


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