WTT Youth Contender Szombathely

The tournaments of the WTT Youth Contender series, which were held in parallel in Hungary and Slovakia, have ended.


Daria Kisel and Vera Volkova reached the 1/8 finals, but, unfortunately, girls were unable to advance to the next round of the event. Vera lost 2: 3 in a long fight with Yashaswini Deepak GHORPADE from India, although she was leading 2: 0 at the beginning. Daria lost to the Polish Anna BRZYSKA (0: 3). If our girls won these matches, they would play with each other in the quarterfinals.51656681641 102742d4f3 c

The junior boys have played only one match in the main draw. Georgy Kunats lost 0: 3 to Szymon KOLASA from Poland, who, by the way, recently defeated Mikhail Tsyganovsky in Szombathely, Hungary. Now, Misha lost to the Brazilian Diogo SILVA (1: 3) at the 1/16 stage.


Vera Volkova and Veronika Vorobyova successfully passed the group stage, but they lost in the 1/16 finals. Vera lost 0: 3 to Sayali Rajesh WANI (India), and Veronika lost with the same score to Anna BRZYSKA from Poland.

Daniil Vitorsky and Daniil Savostyan lost two matches in the group stage and did not advance further.


Veronika Vorobyova successfully performed and took second place in this age category. In the final, she met with the Indian Suhana SAINI, who turned out to be stronger (0: 3). The match for reaching the final with another representative of India Pritha Priya VARTIKAR turned out to be not easy for Veronika. The girls won the sets in turn, but in the fifth one, our athlete was stronger.51659846704 59632acf6a c

Daniil Vitorskiy and Daniil Savostyan appeared to the main draw, but both played only one match. Savostyan lost to Croatian Leon BENKO (0: 3), and Vitorsky lost to Norwegian Khai Noah LAM with the same score.

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