Darya TRIGOLOS and Nadezhda BOGDANOVA became champions in the women’s doubles event. In the final, they beat Alina NIKITCHANKA and Anna PATSEYEVA – 3:0 (4, 8, 3).

Nadezhda BOGDANOVA: «We chose the right tactics for this match and, thanks to this, we managed to win. With a score of 9-8 in the second game, we took a time out. We kept 9-7, but lost a point and decided to beat slightly the pace of rivals».

Daria TRIGOLOS: «We have already played with NIKITCHANKA and PATSEYEVA several times. Sometimes we won, sometimes they won. We were ready to fight for each ball and were ready for a long rally».

In the match for the 3rd place, the pair PRIVALOVA / BARAVOK beat the CHAKAVAYA / ZALESKAYA - 3:1 (8, 4, -8, 6).

Pavel PLATONOV and Ilya BARBOLIN won the men's doubles event. In the final, they beat Andrei MILOVANOV and Pavel DAUNAROVICH, – 3:0 (5, 8, 4). 

Pavel PLATONOV: «At this doubles event, the most difficult for us was the semi-final against Gleb SHAMRUK and Uladzislau RUKLIATSOU. We lost in the fifth set, but we managed to catch up with the opponents and win the meeting. Ilya and I know each other well and this makes it easier for us. We have mutual understanding at the table, so there are no unnecessary thoughts and movements. That's probably why we won the final».

Third place went to SHAMRUK and RUKLIATSOU. In the final match, they defeated a pair of BARABANOV/ZRAZHEVETS – 3:0 (6, 5, 3).

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