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Recently, the athletes of our national table tennis team have had the opportunity to try and appreciate the supportive and protective products of the Suprotecyo brand. Now many of our players use knee supports, patella straps, kinesiology tapes and other equipment of this company to protect injured and disturbing parts of the body.


The Suprotecyo company is created by Liu Quanyong, who has over 20 years of experience in the sporting goods industry. He is one of the main partners of Li-Ning and Adidas in China.


Major sports brands focus on footwear and sports clothes, but do not care too much about supportive and protective equipment. More and more people are injured during training and competition. Liu Quanyong decided to create a sports support and protection product brand to make sports safer. Suprotecyo works together with Beijing Sports University professors and leading medical and sports protection factories in China. After many trials and tests, they have successfully developed key products. They are knee and ankle supports, patella strap, wrist and elbow wraps, waist and back support and kinesiology tape.

All Suprotecyo products are ergonomic, adjustable, ultralight, breathable, and comfortable and offer a choice of left and right side of joints’ support.

Suprotecyo is constantly working to improve its products to ensure that professional athletes and casual sports enthusiasts enjoy and stay safe in their sports life.

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