Tickets for II European Games 2019

Residents of any country in the world can arrange tickets for the main multisport event of 2019 in Europe through the website and through official resellers in Europe. In Russia, tickets can be bought through the website of the official ticket agent There is the access to the sale system through the platform either.

Tickets' sale takes place in three stages. The third stage will begin in May 2019 after the final approval of television platforms.

The total number of seats in the stands during the II European Games will be 381 thousands with the possibility of increasing them to 535 thousands depending on the demand and popularity of the sport. The total number of sessions for which tickets will be sold - 120. Tickets of several categories have been developed: “Standard”, VIP, for the opening ceremony and the closing ceremony. The cost of tickets for table tennis competitions is from 10 (5$) to 40 (20$) rubles.

In March, the sale of tickets for people with additional needs started. It is planned to sell about 3 thousands tickets for designated places.

The Directorate has planned several categories of seats for people with disabilities. So, on special platforms that are equipped as a part of the modernization of sports facilities for the Games, places will be allocated for people in wheelchairs and their accompanying persons. Another category of places is designed for sports enthusiasts with sight disabilities. These places will be located as close as possible to the competition zones. For fans with disorders of the musculoskeletal system, there are places as close as possible to the aisles. The price of tickets for people with additional needs will be 10% of the nominal value. As the organizers of the Games expect, this factor will allow the largest number of sports fans of this social group to visit the multisport forum.

The procedure of purchasing tickets by people with additional needs is protected from unfair actions of third parties. In particular, a two-step application form is provided. The first step is to register it on the website of the official ticket operator of the II European Games -, specifying personal information, contact details, as well as sports events of interest. Then within 48 hours the fan will be contacted by mobile phone or email. In this case, the reservation is confirmed, and the date of the visit to the cash desk is agreed upon for the personal purchase of the ticket. To make a purchase, a fan will need to carry with him the original passport and the original identity card of the disabled person. Tickets can be redeemed both in advance and on the day of the competition at the ticket office located in the immediate vicinity of the sports facility.

Entertainment programs, food courts and photo zones are organized on all sports facilities of the Games. There will also be a wide selection of souvenirs, including toys in the form of the mascot of Lesik the Fox.

Note that tickets to the II European Games 2019 automatically become a visa for foreign fans.

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